Course Information

5km Course (Red)
The 5 km course includes challenging climbs that are complemented by, technical downhills. The second A climb, over 60 meters, takes you nearly to the top of Mt. Telemark. From there the course takes you on a fast descent back down into the Fever Trail. This section of trail will test the athletes ability to ski transitions as it is characterized by its windy nature and short steep climbs. After exiting the Fever Trail, there is one more long climb before the final fast downhill, in full view of the stadium. Here the decision is to finish or go out again to complete your 10km or 15km race.

3.3km Course (Green)
This course will be used for the relay and is the same as the 5km course minus the bulk of the second A climb and return downhill.

Sprint (Blue)
The sprint course is 1.4 kilometers in length and includes 45 meters of total climb with over half coming in one climb toward the end of the race and in full view of the stadium. This will likely be the decider. Over half of the sprint course is in view of the stadium.

JR Nationals Trail Tour